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A monochrome procession down a wrecked city street.
A haunting piano line that built into a wall of sound.
A band playing and singing out their very souls.
My Chemical Romance.

As I watched, I was frozen in place. I was so astonished by what I was experiencing.
It was phenomenal.
The way the lead singer spat out his words with a mixture of malice and joy
The way the guitarists melodies blended together so perfectly.
The way the bassist stood there, stoic, strumming out his line.
That snare drum outro.

That band, this song changed my life.

Since that day, all the way back in 2006, My Chemical Romance has been there.
I've met some of my best friends through my love of them.
I've come out of my shell with their music's help.
God, they have helped me so much.

They have always provided me with a sense of comfort, happiness, nostalgia and community,
I am part of something bigger.
The MCRmy.

They held me up through high school
I was snickered at, had stuff thrown at me, accused of being something that I wasn't. Threatened. All for being myself.
But I was not going to change for them.
Because MCR made me happy.
They were there with me when I graduated.

When I saw them live in concert, when I was so close to the men that had helped me through the lot.
It was such a beautiful, surreal, wonderful experience.
When they played 'The Kids From Yesterday' and it started to rain, and the lights shone and danced in the rain drops, I knew it was a moment I was never ever going to forget.

When I got the news, I was numb.
I refused to believe it until I saw the proof.
Then I cried, for an hour.
Now I'm not sure how I feel.
Maybe a mingled sense of sadness, loss and happiness.

Sadness because there are no more albums to look forward to (unless they release MCR5)
Loss, because this music and the promise of more was a constant companion for me when I felt very very lost.
And Happiness because without this band, this music, I don't think I would have made it through as well as I have.

I haven't had a hard life. I have been lucky.
But I'm not going to say that growing up is easy.
Today is the proof of this.
This is the end of an era.

MCR were my teenage years.
My obsession.
I learned to play all their songs.
They inspired me to get into music, to play and learn and write my own.
They inspire me every. damn. day to do something, to be something.

They helped me learn that its okay to be fucked up, because there were five guys that are just as fucked up as you were.
That being true to yourself is more important that fitting in.
They were the proof that things get better.
They helped me learn that it was okay to walk this world alone.
To carry on, even if you feel broken and defeated.
That life is fucking beautiful and that you should never ever take it for granted.

I won't forget the lessons the music helped me learn
I won't ever forget the music and the way it makes me feel so. alive.
I won't ever forget the love and gratitude I have for this band, this music.

The most important thing I learned from this is this:
Be Yourself.
Don't Take Anyone's Shit
And Never Let Them TAKE YOU ALIVE.

Unleash the fucking bats.
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Hi there! I'm a geek who enjoys doing crafty things, drawing, baking and listening to and making music :)

Favourite genre of music: Alternative Rock

Favourite photographer: Annie Leibovitz

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